Meet FIND, a personal shopping assistant that empowers respectful, human connections between you and your shoppers. It all starts with a quick smartphone tap on the service counter. Simple. Genius.

Better Insights. Better Sales.

Powered by Advanced AI, FIND allows merchants to better understand their shoppers’ behaviour and reward them with truly meaningful offers.

No email or phone number required. Send personalized offers and rewards, receipts, news and more.

See smart insights, predictions and suggestions. No clutter or complicated data collection.

Cultivate better relationships with your shoppers. Drive more frequent sales and increase revenue.


FIND doesn’t require personal information—including email or phone number. It offers complete shopper anonymity, freedom of choice and control over their mobile app so that they can see the content they want at their leisure.

A Personal Shopping Assistant.

FIND knows what’s relevant for shoppers and helps make smart choices, save time and money.
Shopper see offers curated just for them, enjoy rewards and specials, receive news and updates, store digital receipts, track and manage spending and more.

The Future of Local Shopping.

No cables! Easy to install and compatible with most POS systems.

Integrates with leading email marketing platforms seamlessly.

Responsible: no paper receipts or harmful chemicals associated.

“Merchants have an unparalleled opportunity to develop deep relationships with their shoppers. Today’s technologies make it easier-than-ever to understand what each individual likes and then enable them to rapidly find the perfect item at just the right time.
Treating every person based on who they are creates deep loyalty. When shoppers feel understood they spend more but moreover, treating people with respect is just the right way to do business.”

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